Monday, September 21, 2009

Some dinners I've made...or will

So I got this new job in which I cook dinner for a family 4?3?5? nights a week. This means that I get to cook a lot! Yay!
I made some delicious food the other night, which I'll share with you... no photos though. Perhaps when I get my groove on I'll have time to photograph the food before I deliver it to the dining room...

Little gems with herby crème fraîche dressing, pancetta, and beets
Sautéed Georgia white shrimp with fresh corn polenta, buttery zucchini, and lemon-scallion salsa
Blueberry buckle with whipped cream

Another highlight: fresh tomato soup; flatiron steak, potatoes, spinach; melon granita with ginger chewies.
Coming soon: black cod with soba noodles, ginger, sesame and greens, plus 'elephant heart' plum sherbet...

Also, be on the lookout for a caramel ice cream recipe...
(someday it will get colder and I'll stop making so much ice cream, promise.)

Thursday, September 10, 2009

UPDATE! Chocolate Ice Cream

More testing reveals the new, improved, easier recipe for chocolate ice cream. No more greasy spoon, and just one dairy product to buy. I've edited the previous post, so check it out!